meaningful art to celebrate home

So much of what I paint is inspired by home. I believe in home. I believe in the beauty that comes from pressing into all that it holds - meals savored around the table, slow mornings wth extra snuggles, celebrating small moments in big ways, and cultivating spaces that spark wonder, rest, and belonging.

In 2017, I found myself feeling homesick and creatively stuck. I picked up my brush and painted what was on my heart, the home we left halfway across the country. Since then I've painted nearly 300 homes. While the architecture of each is unique, it is the stories of love and belonging that bring meaning to this work.

As I've continued in my journey as an artist, I've added abstracts, landscapes, and sketch work to my portfolio. Regardless of the medium or the style, I find myself most connected to art that means something. It is a joy to share my work and create pieces that are personal to you.

Photos by Heather Rose Photo