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Four Unique Ways to Use your Digital Files

You may not have noticed it (or realized what it meant…no shame) but each home illustration commission comes with the option of adding on digital files of your final painting. Adding digital files to your order unlocks about a million and a half ways to use your illustration whether you want to gift to others or get creative in your personal use. To help you get your creative juices going, here are a few of my favorite ways to use your digital files.

1. Enlarge your artwork

While all illustrations come the standard 8x10 size, you have the option of enlarging your artwork by adding digital file. Each print is digitized in high resolution and can be enlarged all the way up to a 16x20 print without losing the integrity of the original painting. Elevate the look even more by printing your painting on a framed canvas.

Where to order: Artifact Uprising is my favorite place for high quality prints (we order our family yearbooks here every year!) They have beautiful framed canvas print options.

2. Create personalized stationery

Stock up on personalized notecards for all your correspondence needs using a custom illustration. Check out this beautiful stationery for one of my favorite wedding venues, The Brownstone. The perfect personal touch for individual use or small businesses.

Where to order: Cards and Pockets is one of my favorite places for stationery needs. They have a wonderful selection of paper and envelopes and their printing service is top notch.

3. Unique gifts for the whole family

Picture this…gifting your grandparents with a custom home illustration of their forever home on Christmas morning. Cue all the emotions. But then, thoughtful you, you pull out coffee mugs featuring the same image for all the kids and grandkids. Can you imagine a gift more heartwarming?

Where to look: Shutterfly and Zazzle both have great options for pillows, ornaments, coffee mugs, phone cases and more!

4. Weddings and events

Couples can get extra mileage out of their custom venue illustration by featuring their digital files in wedding invitation suites, guest book, seating chart, guest gifts, thank you notes…the options are endless!

Where to look: For anything wedding related, I highly recommend working with a professional stationer, no need to take on extra stress. Looking for a good recommendation? I am happy to direct you to some of the best in the business. Shoot me and email here and I'll help you connect with one of my top recommendations.

With these custom home illustrations I love celebrating your stories of home and the digital files only multiple the ways you can do just that.

Ready to commission your custom home illustration? Start here. And don't forget to consider adding the digital file option. I can't wait to see all the amazing and creative ways you celebrate your story of home!

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