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Celebrating Home List January 2020

I have been craving the fresh start that comes with a new year - when the fullness of December is replaced with the newness of January. This year especially I have been longing for a refresh - for new rhythms and new mindsets and new habits to define 2020. As I've taken some time to sit down and reflect and dream, my mind quickly goes to home. Not just the projects I hope to tackle or the areas I need to reorganize, but the culture we are setting for our family. As you begin the new year (and a new decade!) and lean in to your own fresh start, I hope sharing these ideas will serve as inspiration - for ways you can celebrate home, make memories, and build your own family culture in the new year.



I love this book SO MUCH and it is such a fitting read this time of year. It is no secret that I love decorating and interior design, but even if home decor is not your thing, this book is so insightful! It is chalk full of practical advice for creating vision for a room and patiently putting together a space you and your family will love. This book has broken me of my hoarder ways (well at least a start!) and given me a lot of confidence in my personal style. It's the perfect read for January as you start packing away Christmas decor and dream of refreshing your spaces.

This year a few projects we are hoping to tackle around the house...updating the master bedroom, painting the built-ins, and updating our mantle. What projects are on your list for the year?


This album is all that is good in the world. This is our soundtrack for slow, tender moments with the kiddos - when we are all snuggled up in bed on a Sunday morning or having one of those rare but peaceful moments on a long road trip. When I think back to the sweet moments of the little years, these songs will be playing in the background of my memories. Okay that sounds a bit much...but give it a listen and I promise you will love.


One of my big goals for 2020 is to prioritize my health. Two kids in two years has taken a toll on my body and while it is not my natural inclination to carve out time to nurture myself, I am seeing that going without doesn't set me up to be the wife, momma, business owner, and friend I want to be. Along with moving more, I am trying to focus on eating three nourishing meals a day. Here is a simple, healthy recipe we've made multiple times that will make its way to our rotation this month. Photo and recipe from


It's January so EVERYONE is talking about resolutions. I don't know how I feel about resolutions but I do know that the momentum of the new year is exactly what I need in my life to reflect and dream. For the past few years I've used this document to guide my reflection time. Feel free to print this off and use it, share it, whatever! It's my little New Year's gift to you :)

Cheers to the memories made and the love shared within the walls of your home -


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