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Celebrating Home List February 2020

When I think February, my mind immediately goes to cozy dinner parties - candles lit, something delicious cooking away in the oven, smooth love songs playing in the background, and sweet friends gathered around the table. February is often a slow (and sometimes somewhat dreary) month so instead of wishing it away, I am committed to embracing the lingering coziness of winter.



Emily Ley is one of my entrepreneurial heroes. Not only does she run her business with the utmost creativity and grace, but her message of simple living speaks directly to my soul. This past month I read her newest book and I could not wait to share it with you all. Her message is a powerful one, a needed one, a reminder to slow down and embrace the little moments, the pathways of most resistance, the simple and the good.


When Daniel and I get a date night without the kiddos, our new favorite thing to do is stay home and cook a meal together. Regardless of what is on the stove or who is around the table, this playlist sets the perfect vibe for working in the kitchen side by side, cooking up something special. And rightly so, as this playlist comes from the dinner party queen, herself, Ina Garten!


I officially dub February the month of Ina, because in our house not only will we be listening to her playlist, but we will be eating her delicious food. I try to make this recipe once a year on a special occasions. It is a little too involved for our weekday rhythms, but for a fun Galentine's Day dinner party or a cozy date night in...perfect.


Mason and I had an impromptu kitchen date a few nights ago and it was absolutely lovely. One of those unplanned sweet moments of motherhood, just me and my first born connecting over chocolate covered strawberries. They were easy to make and as long as a little mess doesn't scare you, easy to invite little helping hands along to help. To make, microwave 1 chocolate bar (we use 90% dark chocolate, so these are basically a health food) and about 1 tsp coconut oil for 30 seconds in a microwave safe bowl. Stir and continue heating if needed until chocolate is completely melted and smooth. Then dip washed strawberries into the chocolate. We made a big batch and have been storing them in the freezer. Come dinner time, I will pull out a few to thaw while we eat and afterward we all get to enjoy a special sweet treat to end our meal.

Cheers to the memories made and the love shared within the walls of your home -


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