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Hand Painted Watercolor Ornaments

This year, I had it on my heart that I wanted to offer hand painted ornaments. There are so many talented artists that offer beautiful ornaments this time of year but I was determined to create something unique to my artistic voice - something that brought beauty and warmth and texture and meaning.

There were so so so many failed attempts. Let me just tell you...there is a lot of magic that has to happen to get watercolor to work on something that isn't paper. But I finally found a process that allowed me to preserve the texture of the bisque ornament, capture the variation of watercolor paint, and add a touch of festive metallic gold.

These ornaments are so special to me - each one a unique work of art. When I am working on a new product, I always like to visualize the way I see an item being used. And these ornaments, to me, have always been something to give - art from the heart. For the teacher that helped guide your kiddo through a rocky start to the school year. To a client that made all the difference for your business last quarter. To the woman at church who serves tirelessly and you wanted to do something special for. These ornaments were painted with giving in mind.

Thank you for always being so gracious and enthusiastic when I share something new. It is my joy to be able to create meaningful work that celebrates home.


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