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Introducing: Shadow Blooms

Over the next few weeks, I am really excited to share a handful of works that have been filling my studio this past spring and summer. These pieces are not compiled into a full collection, but rather were experimental as I gave myself space to play with different techniques and concepts. Each one embodies something that has been inspiring me and I hope connects with you as well.

Shadow Blooms came about as I played with combining two different concepts that intrigue me - raw canvas and loose florals. As with anytime I use raw canvas, I am struck by the unforgiving nature of the material. Due to the staining technique, each stroke leaves a shadow on the canvas, capturing every paint drip, every petal, and every unintentional overly saturated marking. Opposed to fighting the history of my strokes, I leaned into the imperfect whispers and coaxed the composition into the loose florals that have been filling my mind.

With its slight nod to a suspended bouquet, the raw canvas texture paired with the monochromatic blues add interest and dimension without overpowering a space. This floral abstract is understated, mature, modern and yet also primitive.

Shadow Blooms is now available on my site. You can visit the full listing here.

Cheers to meaningful work that celebrates home,



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