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When I started jotting down the concepts and phrases for the “Margins” collection this summer, I had no idea I would have to live it out in such a personal way just a few months later. Friends, I have some disappointing news to share…I’ve stepped away from my spot as vendor at Silobration next month and will not be heading down to Magnolia after all.

The past few weeks have brought some unexpected health challenges and while I am feeling hopeful…I’ve needed to take some things off my plate to focus on my health and being present for my family. I’m bummed as you can imagine, but also feel a tremendous amount of peace.

That being said, I have a whole slew of paintings I was saving for Texas that I am now working on adding to my site…including this new large landscape collection, “Margins.”

Each piece in this collection is inspired and named in reference to the poem by the same name (see below). These original, modern landscapes reflect the sentiments of the poetry with a raw canvas margin left intentionally blank surrounding the artwork. Margins by Katie Mulder It seems an act of bravery not to fill life to the brim We hear: “do it all” “you’ll fall behind” “keep those margins slim” But life lives in the margins Those spaces in between The highs and lows will come and go But in the quiet we are seen In the margins we find wholeness We find healing, we find rest In saying “no” to what is good We free ourselves for best I will seek those open spaces - room to be or even bore I’d rather be content with less than always strive for more

I am so honored to share such a personal collection with you. My hope is that these words and these works meet you right where you are.


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