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May 2023 - Celebrating Home

I've been in a bit of a funk lately. I tend to get this way on the cusp of big transitions...and we are most definitely in that season with Kindergarten coming fast this fall. This funk has me feeling particularly lost in our rhythms and lacking direction for my days. Even the things that are typically a great source of joy and inspiration...I'm finding myself instead functioning from place of drudgery and general grumpiness (even things like painting, or cooking, or gardening...wah wah). an effort to rekindle some joy and inspiration, I'm trying to get back to the heart of what stirs me creatively...and that is home.

If you've been around for long enough, you know that I used to dabble with blogging. Nothing monetized or formal, but just a space to record our family life each month with something I called the "Celebrating Home List" and I've decided to bring that back...mostly for myself. I am needing a place to foster inspiration and one of the best ways I know how to do that, is to nurture a vision for the culture of our home. And maybe by sharing this list could provide inspiration and beauty for you as well!



Now that my kiddos are a bit older, we have really found our rhythm with chapter books. I love when we can find both a physical copy and an audiobook to switch back and forth throughout the day. We have been on roll with The Chronicles of Narnia the last few weeks - The Magicians' Nephew, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and we will probably finish Prince Caspian this week. If we don't keep on with the series, I've got my eye on either Charlotte's Web or The Secret Garden.


I am declaring May the month of the patio - and I've made a playlist to match! I've pulled from some of my favorite 90's movies soundtracks and compiled something that is half Diane Keaton, half Motown classics for a really upbeat, happy playlist, perfect for enjoying beautiful weather on the back patio. You can listen to it here.


This month I'm planning to make kabobs, lots of kabobs. I am horrible at following (and therefore sharing) recipes because I rarely measure but generally here is what I do:

  1. Cut up peppers, onions, dice chicken and/or steak, gather cherry tomatoes...maybe even mushrooms.

  2. Marinate all these things for at least a few hours. To make marinade combine avocado oil, apple cider vinegar, lemon, soy sauce, herbs (oregano, thyme), a squeeze of mustard and a few cloves of minced garlic.

  3. Skewer it up!

  4. Grill your skewers

We love our kabobs on a bed of quinoa and with a side of homemade tzatziki. Just imagine this with a glass of white wine and the patio hangs playlist going in the background...late spring perfection.


I told you it was the month of the this month I am going to focus on deep cleaning the backyard seating areas. I'm keeping my eyes open for a new patio table on FBMP but until then I am going to freshen what we have. I am planning to power-wash the deck, hit the chairs with some fresh spray paint, and get all the planters refreshed.


This month I am looking forward to a Mother's Day Brunch, a Cinco de Mayo gathering with friends, and the sweetest little pre-K graduation ceremony. There is so much to look forward to!

Cheers to the memories made and the love shared within the walls of your home -



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