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Second Chance Frames

There is nothing quite like the thrill of the thrift. Whether it is scouring Facebook Marketplace, my local Savers, or an Estate Sale in a charming neighborhood, I love the practice of visually sorting through a pile of discarded treasures to find unique pieces for my home. Over the past few months, my frame collection has grown a little out of hand, so...I invested in some new framing tools and was determined to create something beautiful.

I am so pleased with the outcome, if I do say so myself! I've still got a LOT more frames to get to, but I am excited to start sharing this new collection of vintage/found frames paired with modern landscapes. Each frame is unique and each painting is original, meaning these truly are one of a kind pieces.

The majority of these pairings are framed without glass to showcase the texture of the painting even more clearly. The lack of glass also gives an old-world charm, which I am obsessed with. Currently, I have eight pieces listed, but I am hoping to have a few more listed in time for Christmas gifting. Check out the current collection of second chance framed originals here.

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