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December 2023 - Celebrating Home

December is here and the magic (and I'll admit...the overwhelm) of Christmas has come with it! This month is full of so much to look forward to - magical experiences, cherished traditions, and joyful celebrations. But in all the bustle I am convinced some of the sweetest moments will happen cuddled on the sofa...with a bowl of popcorn...on a Tuesday.

a book to read

We kicked off the Christmas season on the drive home from our Thanksgiving travels by listening to A Christmas Carol on audiobook. This is one of my favorite traditions from childhood and I was really excited to start this with my own kiddos. Once again the Yoto came through for us! After we listened to the audiobook on our drive, I gifted my oldest with the card and he has been listening to the story on repeat since. I swear this isn't sponsored...we just really love our Yoto players!

I've been trying to plan an activity to accompany our monthly read aloud...usually a movie night...but December is extra special. We are are headed to the symphony this weekend to see A Muppet Christmas Carol with live orchestra. I have said it before and I will say it again, Michael Caine gives the performance of his life in this movie and with live music...oh my. I think I am more excited than the kids - ha!

the soundtrack of the season

There are two albums I have found myeslf playing on repeat once I opened the Christmas music floodgates. First, is Amy Grant's "A Christmas Album" and second, Lauren Daigle's "Behold." If these aren't part of your normal holiday rotation, I highly recommend. I saw Amy Grant's Christmas concert last week with my mom and it was so magical. Her music brings back so many memories from childhood and it was such a special night with my momma.

food to savor

I don't enjoy baking...there I said it. I like making simple bread to go with soup but to sit down and follow a recipe to bake a cake or cookies or cinnamon rolls... it's just not my sweet spot. No pun intended. While I don't enjoy baking, I do love the idea of having a festive treat to share with my kiddos in the afternoon or while we read our advent calendar, so let me introduce to you my lazy girl's solution to no bake festive treats....Candy Cane Popcorn.

First, make popcorn. We do the airpop in the microwave kind with this handy gadget.

Second, salt the popcorn after it pops while it's still hot.

Next, throw a brick of white almond bark in the microwave and melt that down.

Drizzle it over the popcorn...yes the salty me.

Then top with crushed candy canes. Hot a bag of pre-crushed candy is so easy.

It is delicious. It is festive. It requires 4 minutes of microwave usage. And it feels healthier?? Don't know if it is...but it feels that way!

tending home

Most of my creative home energy will be spent in the basement this month. Don't tell my kids, but we are modifying an Ikea loft into a Princess Castle/Pirate Ship for Christmas. My goal is to maybe have the basement painted before we assemble on Christmas Eve but we shall see how far I get! I'll try to share some of our progess in my stories on Instagram.

memories to make

I mentioned it above, but I am just delighted to take my kids to the symphony this weekend. We have been hyping this expereince...this family Christmas date...for weeks and I just cannot wait. This movie was such a core memory for me growing up and I am so excited to share it with my kids in this way!

in the studio

Thank you so much for shopping with me during the Art from the Heart Sale! I am truly so honored when you purchase from my studio and then choose to gift my art to others. It means so much! If you are still looking for gifts, don't worry. There are still ornaments, notecards, prints, and originals available on my site.

on a personal note

I've shared it a little on Insta, but recently I've gotten really into needlepoint. It was the PERFECT activity when I was recovering from surgery and I've loved having it to work on in the evenings with it getting dark so early. After completeing a few painted canvas projects, I tried my hand at designing my own Nutcracker lumbar pillow and had a blast putting it together. Something about it just clicks with my brain. It is creative but also very mathematical and I've been hooked. I have zero plans to talk about this frequently in this space, but I did open a separate Etsy shop to start sharing my designs. If you or someone you know does needlepoint, I'd love for you to check it out!

Cheers to meaningful work that celebrates home!



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