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October 2023 - Celebrating Home

I am looking to October with a lot of hope. Hope for the cooler weather. Hope for the changing leaves. Hope for afternoons reading in the hammock and cozy nights sipping apple cider. Although I won't be headed down to Texas in a few weeks (read more here), I am excited for all the memories to be made this month.


a book to read

We finally finished Treasure Island - whew! About 2/3 of the way through the book I was about ready to give up so we did a quick pivot to the abridged version and boy was such a good call! The kiddos LOVED the pirate adventure story and we had a great time watching Muppet Treasure Island as a family. While no muppet movie will ever compete with Muppet Christmas Carol, this was a cute retelling. We did a full blown pirate party complete with costumes, pirate snacks, and a treasure map pizza.

Yesterday we started an abridged version of The Wind and the Willow which is already proving to be a much easier read with a slower, more charmed story...a much needed reprieve from the meatier content of last month.

the soundtrack of the season

I'm still deep in my folky acoustic vibe this time of year, but when I want a mix up, I find myself reaching for George Winton's album "Linus and Lucy - The Music of Vince Guaraldi." Music has always been a really important part of my life and I remember growing up my parents would play in this cd on Sunday mornings. As a result this is one that I have to listen to in know how you have certain albums like that where you just instinctively know what comes next? If you are looking for an obscure upbeat jazz piano album that evokes childhood memories of the Peanuts gang this, is for you. This is the kind of gold you find here in the celebrate home list - haha!

food to savor

It's soup season!! Oh man...we had chili last week and my heart was just so happy!

Two soups on our frequent rotation both come from the Magnolia Table cookbook - the butternut squash soup and the sausage and kale soup...oh my...they are so stinking good. If you don't have this cookbook already, it really is wonderful. I rarely cook with a recipe but when I do, it's usually something from this cookbook.

tending home

This month I had the goal of finishing the wallpaper (which reminds me, I need to get on ordering that last roll)

and cleaning out the homeschool area.

Since we are taking a break from homeschooling this year, I am transitioning this space to serve our family better in this season. This means cleaning out old curriculum and unused materials, swapping basket contents to match what our family reaches for most, and sprucing up the chairs with a fresh coat of black spray paint. Since the weather was nice this weekend, I decided it was the perfect time to spray paint, so I can already cross this task off my list. Now just to order that last roll of wallpaper...

memories to make

The calendar is packed this month with all the fall activities but I am most looking forward to my son's first field trip. I signed up to be a helper and I can't wait! We are also really hoping to squeeze in a lake trip for our annual fall festival at the end of the month.

in the studio

It feels almost too early to mention, but as a small business owner, October is peak Christmas prep time! Ornaments are coming at the end of the month and I am hoping to open Home Illustration Commission spots next week! Be sure you subscribed to my email list if you haven't already...those on the list get first dibs to the available spots and historically they go quick!

Cheers to meaningful work that celebrates home!



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