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Rhythms of Home - February 2024

Well I think January 2024 might go down as the longest month in the history of mankind. I welcome February and all she brings with open arms - the glorious sunlight, the temperatures that aren't so low they make you want to cry and another Chiefs Super Bowl. What a time to be alive in Kansas City.

a book to read

We finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and my goodness...what a win! We loved the book. We loved the movies. And we loved the excuse to eat candy because it was on theme. Next up for our family read aloud we are headed back to the land of Narnia. Prince Caspian really tanked our momentum in the series...but I've heard The Horse and His Boy is more engaging for young readers. I'll keep you posted how it goes!

In January, I finished The Lazy Genius Way by Kendra Adachi and Homecoming by Kate Morton and while they couldn't be more different, they were both really great. The Lazy Genius Way reminds me of Atomic Habits by James Clear but maybe a little bit more geared toward women...especially moms. This book gave some great tips for how to name what matters most in your particular season and I will tell you, my system for managing laundry will never be the same. You can also listen to "The Lazy Genius" podcast to get a flavor of the content and method of the book. Homecoming was a really complex murder mystery spanning decades of time. This book was not short on words or characters but wow...what a surprise ending.

I've got Boys in the Boat on my nightstand this month and am hoping to see the movie once I finish.

the soundtrack of the season

I discovered a new-to-me artist on Spotify named Forrest Frank. I think I may be late to the party. But I love his music - think chill hip hop meets old hymns. My favorite song right now is "Good Day" and it is one of our favorite songs to listen to on the drive to school.

food to savor

This month, I am determined to learn to make salmon cakes. My mom recently shared this recipe with me and I am hoping to make them for our family Valentine's Dinner.

tending home

I finally did it. I finished the wallpaper. Well almost. Just a few last pieces of trim to cap off the staircase but otherwise the entryway wallpaper is done. Hanging wallpaper seemed very overwhelming at first, but now I am convinced that every square inch of our home needs it. What room to do next??

This month, I am going to circle back to the basement refresh and start by painting the stairwell. I can't remember if I shared it here or not but my plan is color drench the whole room with a deep french navy. I'll share photos as I get started. This room gets loved on pretty hard by the kiddos and their friends, so while I don't plan to do anything too crazy, I am ready to be done with the light lavender walls that were here when we moved in.

memories to make

I am taking a girls trip with my sister to Florida here soon. And before you go thinking we are way cooler than we are... we are going to Harry Potter World. We did this same trip about 11 years ago and it is still one of my most cherished memories.

in the studio

Can I tell you something? I've been taking in an Interior Design class this semester and it has been the most fun. I've been dreaming about this idea for years and it finally felt like the right time to explore it. I'm not sure yet exactly what will come next, but it has felt so right to invest in some formal training in something that my heart has been drawn to for so long. So, while I am still plugging along with wholesale orders and home illustrations, a lot of my "studio" time has been spent designing mood boards and learning the ins and outs of space planning.

In the meantime, cheers to the rhythms of home,

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